Insurance vs Health Care

I don’t get political very often because, frankly, politics give me a headache. But today, since it seems to be the general topic of our great nation, and because I myself am in the general career field of Health Care, I am going to say a few words on so-called Health Care Reform.

Saying ‘I don’t get the health care I need because I don’t have insurance’ is like saying ‘I have a headache because my body has an aspirin deficiency.’

Insurance is not health care. Lack of insurance doesn’t make you sick. Having insurance does not make you healthy.

My view is that Insurance is a way to pay for health care by paying a corporation to tell you what health/sickness care you are allowed to pay more for later.

Wellness/Health Care is what happens when your body is helped on the path towards a state of health or wholeness.

Doctors of Medicine, Chiropractic, Surgery, Therapists of Massage, Psychology/Psychiatry, Physical Therapists, Pediatricians, Occupational Therapists, Acupuncturists, Shiatsu Practitioners, Art Therapists, Reiki Practitioners . . .

These are the people responsible for Health Care.

Not insurance agents and their companies.

In fact, most people with insurance coverage have probably discovered that most insurance companies won’t pay for wellness visits – visits required to Keep Us In Good Health. They want us to wait until we are already ill and then they will pay a fraction of our bill . . . Depending upon whether or not the kind of care we need to receive is on their approved list.

That is not Health Care.

In my opinion, Insurance is a big nasty fraudulent Scam. A money guzzling black hole.

It is not about Health Care. It is about money. So please let’s stop calling it anything to do with Health.

Perhaps what we ought to do is get rid of insurance companies all together and make the health care itself affordable so that people can remain healthy, and receive extra care when they do become ill, without breaking the bank to do so. That would be Health Care Reform.

Photographs and Paris Walks

I went to Paris with my great-aunt when I was 18 yrs old. I had been looking forward to seeing Paris all year, as we had studied it extensively in my high school French course. Unfortunately, my great-aunt was content with reliving her 1970s visit to French soil and became quickly discontented when she realized I was not, in fact, the niece that had gone with her on that trip and that I was looking for an original experience all my own.

My great-aunt had a collection of photographs, which had been taken on her 1970s France trip. We had a plan for me to recreate them, standing in the precise pose and position as her older niece. At first I didn’t mind. I idolized my aunt (the aforementioned ‘niece’) and great-aunt. After a while, though, it got old, believe it or not.  We took some of our own photographs and had some of our own experiences, but mostly, it was a remake. Generally speaking, I like being an original. At 18 it was really difficult realizing I was supposed to be a remake. All in all, the project was rather frustrating.

I do have the 1970s and 1990s photos. Despite the complaints I have about the process, it is a sort of interesting comparison. Or maybe it is just that I really like photographs. Anyway, I would post them all, except that I realized this morning that all the albums from the 90s are, tragically, currently in storage. O well.

I saw many lovely things and many lovely places during our travels that summer. Chartres, for instance, was my favorite place in France – much more interesting and far less tacky than tourist-ridden Paris. I have a lot of great photos I took from the tower of the cathedral!  Beauty. Sheer Beauty.

Generally, however, my great-aunt reminisced while I became disillusioned with the city of Paris and the country of France all together.

Currently, I am planning a trip to Ireland instead.

On Walking for Health

A conversation with my sister. (we talk a lot)

NoirBettie: And walks, I need to start walking again

AlabasterSkye: Yay walks! They are awesome!  I haven’t walked for health in ages. With the exception of walking from one end of the plaza to the other to get bagels, instead of driving across the parking lot.


I used to only be a tea drinker.

English Breakfast was standard.

Then Green, for health and taste.

Then Darjeeling, because it was the only tasty option in the dining hall.

Then I graduated from college and started working at the dreaded Hellbucks.

When you work for a coffee house, you are obligated to try the various menu items so as to tell the customers what they can expect from their choices.

So I started drinking coffee.

Mmmm. Coffeeeeee.

I think it can now be said that I am addicted. I still drink green tea whenever I can (O, look out, when I get to a Japanese Restaurant – just bring me a large pot!). But when I visit my favorite bagel shop, or am hanging out with my dad, or pretty much anywhere I go where there is an option? I drink coffee.

I was mostly switched over to decaf, fortunately.

Unfortunately, I am now in a house with caffeine drinkers. The withdrawal when I leave for L.A. is going to be horrific, mark my words!


So, it turns out that if you have your blog set to Private, that nobody reads it.

Thanks to my sister, over at, for pointing out that, er, oversight.

So, um, welcome to my blog I’ve had for a year or more and thought was public but was not!

Entertainment Value

My entertainment value seems to be concentrated in short bursts and Shakespeare plays.

Seeing as I just left my Shakespeare company*  in S.C., I shall be focusing my writing energies on Facebook Statuses and Twitter.


To thieve a fantastic phrase from Neil Gaiman, WARNING: Contains Me.

*Greenville, SC’s Upstate Shakespeare Festival, Artistic Direction by John Fagan


Mine to be exact.

It is today, and I have laughed myself silly for the past six months about it.

I turned 29 today. I actually turned 29. As in, Yesterday I was 28 ~ Today I am 29.

As we age, it has become stereotypical for women to repeat this particular year of life and turn 29 for each consecutive birthday after 30.

Therefore, I realized that there was no other option than to celebrate this year as my First Annual 29th Birthday.

I am planning a big party with friends. (By big, I mean dinner at Applebee’s, followed by a game of Apples to Apples at a friend’s house. I’m such a party animal.) A First Annual 29th Birthday Party.

I am so brilliant.

And then, yesterday, I realized that, really, today I ought to go one ridiculous step farther, and turn 19 again, instead.

Happy Chompo to Me!

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