I used to only be a tea drinker.

English Breakfast was standard.

Then Green, for health and taste.

Then Darjeeling, because it was the only tasty option in the dining hall.

Then I graduated from college and started working at the dreaded Hellbucks.

When you work for a coffee house, you are obligated to try the various menu items so as to tell the customers what they can expect from their choices.

So I started drinking coffee.

Mmmm. Coffeeeeee.

I think it can now be said that I am addicted. I still drink green tea whenever I can (O, look out, when I get to a Japanese Restaurant – just bring me a large pot!). But when I visit my favorite bagel shop, or am hanging out with my dad, or pretty much anywhere I go where there is an option? I drink coffee.

I was mostly switched over to decaf, fortunately.

Unfortunately, I am now in a house with caffeine drinkers. The withdrawal when I leave for L.A. is going to be horrific, mark my words!


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