Photographs and Paris Walks

I went to Paris with my great-aunt when I was 18 yrs old. I had been looking forward to seeing Paris all year, as we had studied it extensively in my high school French course. Unfortunately, my great-aunt was content with reliving her 1970s visit to French soil and became quickly discontented when she realized I was not, in fact, the niece that had gone with her on that trip and that I was looking for an original experience all my own.

My great-aunt had a collection of photographs, which had been taken on her 1970s France trip. We had a plan for me to recreate them, standing in the precise pose and position as her older niece. At first I didn’t mind. I idolized my aunt (the aforementioned ‘niece’) and great-aunt. After a while, though, it got old, believe it or not.  We took some of our own photographs and had some of our own experiences, but mostly, it was a remake. Generally speaking, I like being an original. At 18 it was really difficult realizing I was supposed to be a remake. All in all, the project was rather frustrating.

I do have the 1970s and 1990s photos. Despite the complaints I have about the process, it is a sort of interesting comparison. Or maybe it is just that I really like photographs. Anyway, I would post them all, except that I realized this morning that all the albums from the 90s are, tragically, currently in storage. O well.

I saw many lovely things and many lovely places during our travels that summer. Chartres, for instance, was my favorite place in France – much more interesting and far less tacky than tourist-ridden Paris. I have a lot of great photos I took from the tower of the cathedral!  Beauty. Sheer Beauty.

Generally, however, my great-aunt reminisced while I became disillusioned with the city of Paris and the country of France all together.

Currently, I am planning a trip to Ireland instead.


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  1. Annika
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 12:17:20

    You already know what I think of the whole business, but I hate to leave a post comment-less.



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