Insurance vs Health Care

I don’t get political very often because, frankly, politics give me a headache. But today, since it seems to be the general topic of our great nation, and because I myself am in the general career field of Health Care, I am going to say a few words on so-called Health Care Reform.

Saying ‘I don’t get the health care I need because I don’t have insurance’ is like saying ‘I have a headache because my body has an aspirin deficiency.’

Insurance is not health care. Lack of insurance doesn’t make you sick. Having insurance does not make you healthy.

My view is that Insurance is a way to pay for health care by paying a corporation to tell you what health/sickness care you are allowed to pay more for later.

Wellness/Health Care is what happens when your body is helped on the path towards a state of health or wholeness.

Doctors of Medicine, Chiropractic, Surgery, Therapists of Massage, Psychology/Psychiatry, Physical Therapists, Pediatricians, Occupational Therapists, Acupuncturists, Shiatsu Practitioners, Art Therapists, Reiki Practitioners . . .

These are the people responsible for Health Care.

Not insurance agents and their companies.

In fact, most people with insurance coverage have probably discovered that most insurance companies won’t pay for wellness visits – visits required to Keep Us In Good Health. They want us to wait until we are already ill and then they will pay a fraction of our bill . . . Depending upon whether or not the kind of care we need to receive is on their approved list.

That is not Health Care.

In my opinion, Insurance is a big nasty fraudulent Scam. A money guzzling black hole.

It is not about Health Care. It is about money. So please let’s stop calling it anything to do with Health.

Perhaps what we ought to do is get rid of insurance companies all together and make the health care itself affordable so that people can remain healthy, and receive extra care when they do become ill, without breaking the bank to do so. That would be Health Care Reform.


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