30 by 30

I have been trying this year to live my life more fully. Seize the day, and all that, you know. I tend to recall Thoreau ~ that whole bit about not wanting to arrive at death only to find out that I never truly lived. So! I am determined to have a really exciting year!

I was inspired by my sister who did this same sort of thing a couple of years ago.

Here are 30 things I intend to do before my 30th birthday next year. Bold means they have been accomplished.

30 by 30

1. Fly in a hot air balloon – I am making this a goal for my 30s.
2. Learn to knitFlying Kick-A-Pow!
3. Buy myself some flowers from the farmers’ marketRununculus and Lilacs!
4. Eat Ethiopian FoodMmmmmyummy.
5. Cause Natural Disaster through Immodest DressingBoobquake!
6. Go to the Griffith Observatory and PlanetariumCould only have been better if it had been narrated by Carl Sagan
7. Become a California certified massage therapist 2 months 6 days from mailing the full application to notification of certification, which is really annoying, but Now I’m Certified!
8. Renew my passport
9. Ride a bus in L.A.
10. See the Grand Canyon, from the ground, in person – I intended to see the GC on my drive across the country, but instead I went to the Petrified Forest National Park which was overwhelming enough for me to postpone my GC trip until the summer.
11. Get over my fear of heightsNearly there Piece o Cake! Now, to get over the overwhelming enormity of nature’s wide open spaces!
12. Learn to drive a stick shift automobile
13. Ride on a Vespa
14. Drive cross-country
15. Learn to Tango
16. Go horseback riding out here, Western style! (which I have done, but not out west.)
17. Cuddle with the Daisy Dog
18. Learn to say more than just ‘beer’ in Spanish
19. Learn to say more than just ‘thank you’ in Italian
20. Move to L.A.uh, Check!
21. Go to a Library in L.A.When in doubt, go to the library.
22. Blow bubbles from the roof in the dark
23. Learn to make/bake bread
24. Go to the Getty ~ The gardens are particularly interesting to me
25. Go to San Francisco
28. Visit Gold Rush Country
26. Visit Pioneertown – postponed
27. Go to Oregon – postponed – Replaced with Unexpected detour through Arkansas. Route 65 is gorgeous!
29. Take the Coastal Starlight – postponed
30. Swim in a Salt Water PoolAnd Hot Tub

Obviously, my list needs a little filling in. Any suggestions of awesome and amazing experiences I ought to have during my 30th Year?

UPDATE 5-8-10:
I need only three more items to complete my list of 30 things to accomplish by the time I turn 30. I have already crossed off several of my entries! Yay! Thanks for the suggestions and if you have any more, please comment. I am always looking for new adventures. And when I turn 30, I’ll likely start a 31 by 31 list, or at least a 35 by 35, so the more the better.

UPDATE 5-11-10:
New additions and alterations made

UPDATE 6-26-10
My aspirations for this year have grown and altered since I first wrote this list. I have edited it to show this. This year keeps getting more and more exhilarating! Now that I have made some changes, I’ll need to fill in the missing items.

UPDATE 2-17-11
Lots of stuff accomplished this year! Less than three weeks until my thirtieth birthday. A few changes to be made! I’ll update again soon!

Blue Roses

Me: I love the idea of blue roses.

Her: They aren’t found in nature, I don’t think.

Me: I’m pretty sure they are not.

*quick check of Google*

Her: Ah, they can be grown, but they are genetically modified.

Me: Still, pretty.

Her: I want blue hair.

Me: Is that found in nature?

Her: Its native habitat is the East Village.

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