Scenes from the Road

A brief account of The Transcontinental Adventure I had at the beginning of this year.

In January and February this year I drove my car from the east coast to California. It was the most brilliant and exhilarating experience of my life so far. I took to the road alone, just me and The Knight Bus. My adventure started with a flight to Pittsburgh, a night at my stepmom’s house in OH, and a frustrating hour trying to get my car started after the dreadful cold killed the battery in the week since it had been driven by either of my parents.

The next few days were spent in thrilling escapades with my best friends from high school, in our hometown in upstate New York. I’ll tell you all about it, but that’s not what this post is about. This is just the introduction.

After a night in Troy, barely memorable from bad red wine, and a funtastic champagne breakfast with college friends the next morning, I drove down to Pennsylvania to see my grandmother and rediscover just how amazing the women in my family are and always have been. Again, worth a good telling, but not yet.

A yearning to turn right around and go home to WNY after plan after plan was canceled for the next week, I fought temptation (and intuition) and followed through into what turned out to be the most horrible part of my trip, and drove into New York City. After a few days of ups and mostly downs, I paid a couple guys with shovels to dig my car out of a snowbank in Queens, Photo5318_001 and drove the fuck out of there a day early and headed back to my bgfe’s house to spend two more days with good friends.

So that’s when the Adventure really began. There are times when one’s heart awakens and fills with light. It’s like falling in love with the sky. There is so much to see and so much to learn and so much that one discovers has been inside oneself all along.

After saying goodbye a second time, I headed back to the interstate, stopped in OH to load my car and say goodbye to my cat, Photo5386, and then set off into the great unknown of a cross country drive in winter.

I took Rte 44 through Indiana, where I hit the beginnings of an ice storm that would last most of the way across the country.

Driving that first night, my car became covered in a sheet of ice while it was moving. I took a break at a truck stop, and then, determined not to be delayed by a silly thing like funky weather, I drove on out of there and kept on going.


The sleet and snow lasted for days. I stopped in Indiana, Missouri, and then took a detour through Arkansas when the route I was taking into Oklahoma was closed from Springfield, Missouri to the next interstate connection in OK City.

I had no intention of ever going through Arkansas for any reason. Until I had no other choice. Route 65 was the best thing that could have happened to me. I could spend three days just driving up and down stopping at the overlooks, or in the little shops. It was a happy surprise and a gorgeous extension of my adventures.
Solstice 6337

I finally made it into Oklahoma and met up with Route 40, which would eventually take me into California.

I sort of skipped Texas. It was only the top portion, and though I intended to stop there over night, I kept driving looking for a suitable stopping point until I realized I had reached New Mexico.

New Mexico ~ The land of You Can’t Get There From Here. Most frustrating part of my drive. I’ve heard it’s a pretty state, but I sure didn’t get that sense while on Rte 40.

Now, Arizona, Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. A land of exquisite beauty. I’ll tell you about it in great detail. With lots of pictures. It was overwhelming.
Transcontinental Adventures 137

Then I got to California. And the rest is . . . yet to come.

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