New York State Pride

I have been near sobbing for the past hour. My home state of New York just passed the Marriage Equality Act. I am so proud and so happy and I can not seem to stop the tears from flooding.

The Empire State Building is lit up with rainbow lights and when I stepped out on the roof porch of my Los Angeles apartment I half hoped that Griffith Observatory would be too. (It is not, incidentally.)

This is a momentous day.

TCA – Rules of Engagement

1. Never trust a man who dresses like a giant bat.

2. Never turn down the opportunity to pack a snow shovel in your car in the middle of winter in the state of New York.

3. Never back down from the possibility of true love.

First Things – TCA – East Coast Adventures

First of all things about the Transcontinental Adventure is that I planned to do too many things.

I canceled quite a few of my stops and bowed out of several half-made plans before I even left California for the east coast. But I still had too many things on my platter by the time I got there.

I am perpetually broke for the most part, and living in L.A. hasn’t helped me improve that situation. So I knew it would be a while before I got back to my home state to say hello to anyone. And thus I wanted to see Everyone. People from elementary school, people from college, people from the SCA, and the very best people of all – my best friends from high school. And also, some very extraordinary people known as my family.

The Seeing Everyone thing didn’t work out, and even the people I did manage to see did not necessarily get a fair share of my attention due to travel related issues such as exhaustion and hangovers*. I crammed so much into my adventures that I nearly burnt out half way through the East Coast portion. I can’t say this enough, though: Having the greatest damn time with the greatest friends in the world more than made up for every one of the lousier aspects of my trip.

O, and if you aren’t already listening to Mumford & Sons twenty-four hours a day, you might want to start, at least whenever you read posts about the TCA, because Sigh No More became my soundtrack with very few exceptions.

*I’m just kidding. The people who saw me with my worst hangover shared with me some of the trip’s best laughs and most heartfelt and depthy discourse.

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