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I wrote the following on 10 June 2011. This is a very small portion of the aforementioned soundtrack to my amazing adventure driving across the continent with only my conscience for company. I know I kept promising more details about the trip. It has now been two years and it is still the single greatest thing I have ever done on my own. I have had several other excellent adventures since then, and am currently living the biggest one yet. I can’t promise any more updates on the original TCA, but here is what I wrote nineteen months ago about the mood of several stops along the way:

I keep trying to write up new posts about my cross country trip in Jan-Feb. I can’t find the right words for so much of it. It is visceral, really. Deep inside. I can’t make it into sentences. I want to show you. I want you to experience it with me. I get lost in my thoughts sometimes, imagining myself back on the road. I understand why people become adventurers and explorers. It’s hard not to just keep going back out there, seeing new things, living new lives. So, here is a little bit of my memories. I hope you feel what I felt even just a little.

Listen to: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Location: New York City in a sleet storm
Why: I went to NYC to spend time with a friend who ended up not having any time or energy for me. I did ok on my own, even with the storms, but the NYC portion of my adventure was pretty stupid generally speaking. I used to love NYC. I left there never really wanting to go back. (especially in winter)

Listen to: We Went Out Last Night by Kenny Chesney
Location: Troy
Photo: Photo4932_001
Why: Met some college friends I hadn’t seen in many years for Champagne Breakfast following a night of bad red wine. It was fun, but Whew. I felt awful in the morning.

Listen to: After the Storm by Mumford & Sons
Location: The Aquarius Mountains, leaving Arizona and entering California
Photo/Why: I have no photo. But imagine pulling to the side of the curvy mountain road, shutting off the headlights and looking up into the sky that was not only twinkling, but absolutely alive with and filled from horizon to horizon with glittering stars, All looking down upon the earth as the earth looks back at them. Awe is a most overwhelming emotion. Someday perhaps I’ll own a camera that can take pictures of the wonder that is the night sky.

As always, to see the full collection of images (some have yet to be posted, so please check back) go to


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