It’s TMI Tuesday!

This morning I woke to the beginning of my third period since my miscarriage in January. The cramps were the worst I’ve had since then, but so much less severe than the crippling pain of that particular morning. They still really really hurt, though.

If you’ve never had a period, consider yourself lucky. This part of Womanhood sucks the big one. 

I used to say, “O, Good! Everything’s working right!,” every time I started bleeding profusely from my nether-regions. I don’t look at it that way anymore, because, obviously, a healthy regular period does not signify a healthy regular pregnancy when you finally get one.

On the worse side of things, now my period is a reminder of the pregnancy I should be having right now. On a less heart-wrenching level, it’s back to being a fairly ordinary thing I can whine about every five minutes for three days in a row every month. “I know I’ve already said it this morning, but OW! I hate being a girl! This sucks!” And my husband apologizes, taking responsibility for what is the result of ages of evolutionary stupidity, because he is perpetually sweet, even when the problem has nothing to do with him. 

The first two post-miscarriage periods were fairly light, with minimal physical discomfort. This may be in part due to my ceasing the use of Excedrin to treat the pain. Excedrin contains aspirin which is a blood thinner. I never attributed the length and magnitude of my periods to my constant use of a pill that makes me bleed more. Now that I realize that, I don’t touch the stuff. This morning, though, the bleeding was much heavier than the past two. This makes sense in a way because maybe my body just needed a little extra time to get back to its normal stupid self. So I popped a couple of Pamprin, which I never used until my miscarriage, and finished getting ready for work. They seem to work pretty well for this kind of idiocy. 

On a related note, I’m trying out the Moon Cup for the second month in a row. I used the Diva Cup for about three years and wanted to compare. It’s working pretty well so far, but I won’t do a real review until I’ve had more experience with it. Cups are way better than tampons, fyi. But they are not always completely comfortable. So far the Moon Cup is ok.

In conclusion, Periods are gross. But I’m stuck with them for now. So, I’m going to keep whining about them. Because I can. And if you don’t like it, well, I don’t really care. 


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  1. Laurie Ann Miller
    Apr 02, 2014 @ 18:31:19

    Being a woman whose cycle is winding down, I couldn’t agree with you more (re: periods are gross) and I cannot wait for this shit to stop altogether. I know a lot of women mourn the loss of their menstrual cycle and feel less like a woman. I say, “Phooey.” I will be happy as a clam the day I don’t have to worry about the cramps, the unpredictable flow, the unpredictable arrival (usually when I’m unprepared), and all the malarky that goes along with it.



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