Sophomore Remembrance

Sophomore year of college. A short and conglomerate remembrance.

Great and a little crazy.


I transferred into a four year college heavy with freshman tradition a year ‘late.’ I learned that sometimes being really good friends with someone means that separating your two personalities can get a little difficult and when you need to do just that, things get a little uncomfortable. That people will try to split you up from your best friends because they are jealous and want to be the most important person in everyone’s life. I learned what utter betrayal feels like. I learned that staying up all night playing an online RPG is really fun, as long as you have someone to stay up with. I learned that coffee mixed with hot cocoa mix makes coffee almost tolerable. Especially after a just-for-fun all-nighter playing the online RPG. I learned just how wonderfully creative collaborative writing projects can be. I learned to sew. I learned what Modern Dance is and that it can change lives. I learned that terrorists can destroy part of your childhood. I learned what grief sounds like. I learned what dancing in the summer breeze on a dock for a grade feels like. I learned that not everyone gets my sense of humor or my writing style. I learned what getting a D on an English paper feels like. I learned that hiding away in the weirdly shaped library can be fun and disconcerting. I learned that honor systems can allow for really great adventures.


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