Once Upon a Time in All the Westerns

Tonight whilst watching a piece of absolutely brilliant cinema platinum, I came to the following conclusions: 


Moral of all westerns:

All good women are hookers. All men are bastards. Everyone will die an ugly, dirty, and most likely needless death.


I have hardly been an avid fan of Westerns. There was a short period of time when I was in my early twenties when I watched every western on video available at the local library (lot of John Wayne, plus Paint Your Wagons). And I did spend much of my childhood running around barefoot in ankle length dresses and petticoats pretending I was a Prairie Girl. 

But my real exposure to the wonderful world of the old west came during my late twenties when I moved to the west coast. My sister and brother-in-law have lived there for a long time now, and they have a huge appreciation for westerns and old west culture and history.

I discovered the fictional Weird West during their Sunday night games of Deadlands, a table top RPG set during an extended American Civil War, where other worldly abilities and mystical beings exist. It’s sort of like a D&D meets Zombies meets Ghost Story meets Steampunk meets Straight Up Western role playing game. One of these days we’re planning to get our own east coast campaign going.

In June 2010, we took an epic road trip up the California Coast and back down through Gold Rush Country, seeing this brilliant locale of American history first hand. You can read about that adventure here

I learned a lot from these interactions with western history. But it is still only a tiny bit of what there is to be known, a fraction of the knowledge available. What I guess I could say is that I have gathered a greater appreciation for the old west. 


These experiences are obviously incredibly incomplete. More research is definitely necessary.

Thank you and Goodnight.



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