It’s Friday morning. I slept ok last night, but apparently not well enough to make up for the abysmal night of pseudo-sleep I got the previous night. Wednesday night we always go to Trivia, so as usual I got in bed way late. And woke four hours later from dreams of high tension and potential devastation. I fell back to sleep only to dream about an entirely different kind of horror. I woke again. Fell back to sleep. Then struggled out of bed at my alarm, skipping my workout which I realized too late might have salvaged my morning.

No devastating dreams plagued my sleep last night, that I remember. But, that hasn’t stopped my sluggishness, even after a workout, shower, breakfast (for a change), and the brisk morning dog walk.

I arrived at my office at the usual hour, climbing out of my car, and gasping as I closed the door and spotted my reflection in the window. I looked exactly as tired as I felt. I ran inside and fished out my makeup bag.

Mascara. My only saving grace.

So I went for coffee. More of a ritual and a taste bud pleaser than a real waker upper. (It’s been researched. It’s really not as helpful as we all claim.) Came back to my office. Dumped my coffee all over my desk, narrowly missing my netbook, but coloring every page of my notes a delightful creamy brown.

To misquote my amazing ADF dance instructor, Geri Houlihan:


It’s Friday.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nan Salomon
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 09:57:28

    Should’ve tried a cuppa tea instead… (just saying…)



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