Tuesday’s Muse

Today, it is supposed to snow. As a precaution, I am dressed in layers and wearing my Annis Shawl, because it is chilly and likely to get colder throughout the day, and I like showing off my work (I get asked all the time about items I’ve gotten as gifts, and I feel better about myself when I can say, Yes! I made this!). The Annis Shawl took me an absurd amount of time to make, as my lace projects usually do, and now I think I don’t really like crescent shawls. As a prairie-girl-minded child, I’m sure I’d have loved the shoulder coverage, but it just doesn’t seem to suit me these days, or perhaps I really am reaping the misfortunes of having bound off too tightly. Before giving up on it, however, I’ll see how it functions on a summer evening over a sundress.


Taking my doubts into consideration, I decided for the first time since November, to grab some yarn and needles on my way out the door. A rectangular scarf or shawl seems in order, considering how I managed to demolish my beautiful baby alpaca Invisibility Shawl by catching it in a car door (I’ve always wanted to be Isadora and live to tell the tale!).


I will probably look through available patterns on Ravelry later, but I still haven’t managed to finish rereading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs so that I can finally start its sequel, Hollow City. So I’m going to try to do that, too.


Happy Tuesday!



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