Dudes, I wore flip flops All Day today.

Sorry. That’s lie.

I was barefoot actually longer than I had my flops on. I mostly wore them just to get between each house and the car.

It reached probably around 70* today.  When we got home from Easter at my in-laws’ house, we walked the dog, and I took off my over shirt and walked the block in my tank top. This might not seem so remarkable for a late-April Easter Sunday, but you have to understand that I live in the North East, and it has been winter here for about the length of a lion, witch, and wardrobe.  I mean, this was taken in front of my apartment FOUR DAYS AGO:


Granted, it was gone by noon that day, but the point remains: I wore flip flops today!

I’m half Sicilian, and that Mediterranean blood still rules most of my temperature tolerance, despite my having never even set foot anywhere in Europe south of Paris. I like it warm and being from an area of the US where it seems to be winter 2/3 of the time can become especially daunting when you decide to move back to it immediately after spending twenty months in Sunny Southern California (this is actually how they welcome you to the state at the DMV in Los Angeles). I like a mix of weather, but overall, I prefer being warm.

Yet, I’m not much one for shorts and tanks most of the time. I guess I don’t like it that warm out. Or at any rate, I don’t like being that exposed. My preferred wardrobe is actually that of autumn falling into winter: long sleeves, long pants, scarves. Warm clothing. But I am incredibly ready for some summer weather. We didn’t really get a good summer last year. It rained most of the time and when it wasn’t raining it was too bloody humid to go outside and enjoy ourselves doing anything.

After this incredibly harsh winter, with many days reaching temperatures well below 0*, I am looking forward to what I am determined is going to be a perfect summer: Plenty of sunshine, moderately high temperatures, and me sporting capris and tamis as often as I can. And days and days of bare feet.

I think so far we are off to a good start.

Easter Sexy



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