Weary Wednesday’s Rainy Writing

I haven’t been writing much personal stuff lately. Instead, I’ve been spending a lot of time and energy on an amazing fiction project with some friends. We are all very inspired right now and the stories are flowing out just beautifully. I am so happy that the project is going so well, partially because it’s so fun to read the resulting stories, and partially because when I started it I was in such a horrible depression and needed to do something, create something good. And this creation has really taken off. Related or not, I am feeling much better and this exciting work is making me very happy.

This idea that has come to fruition is a collaborative writing project based on my memories of the forums of an online role playing game I participated in during college. While we did most of our interactive adventuring in the chat rooms, we wrote really fantastic extensions of our scenes in the forums. I did some of my best writing in those days, which I discovered in a box years later and was happy to see that they held up pretty well post-graduation.

In this new project, we have created a world, characters, events, interactions, all built on each other’s words . . . and it’s all growing so gorgeously. I am so proud and so anxious to read more and see where else we can go with our imaginations.


It seems that writing breeds writing. I think that’s part of Art breeding Art. Inspiration creating more Inspiration. I keep thinking of other things I want to write. Other stories I want to tell. Other stories I want to be told.


I was thinking this morning that apart from this particular collaborative project I’d like to start a different type of collaboration. When I was a kid, I had a subscription to American Girl Magazine. Occasionally they would give the readers a single sentence, the beginning of a story, and it was the readers’ job to finish the story. The magazine held a contest and the three top entries were published in a future issue. I loved this. Each story started the exact same way, or at least with the exact same words, but the stories, the characters, the events – everything was vastly different from writer to writer.


I want to do this. I wrote a little background piece a few weeks ago for one of my rpg characters who I have incorporated into the new project, in a small way, as a little homage to our old game. The story is very interesting to me, but has nothing to do with the new works.  So my new idea is to present this short story to participants and have them write a new scene, a little history of what happened before or what will happen after it. How many variations based on one short page of a story? How many interesting worlds will be created from that one scene? How many pages will be created from a single idea? How many new ideas? New stories? New worlds?




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