Six Months

Six months ago, today, we got married.

DSC03434 (2) (800x676) (photo by Steve Badgley, edited by moi)

I prefer celebrating the day that Nic and I became a couple, but I’m really glad we’re married now, so celebrating a half-year-wedding anniversary might be silly, but as I like celebrating things, and our relationship is something I really really like celebrating, Happy Half Year to Us!

People ask how we like married life. A lot of them seem to assume something has dramatically changed by us getting married. I think that’s pretty funny. We’ve been together officially since November 2011. Our relationship has grown and deepened ever since we met, back in July 2009. So by us getting married, I’d say, the only thing that’s changed is that our relationship has gone into a supreme level of fantasticness and officialness. O, and I now have a new last name. That’s pretty much it. That’s marriage right there. The ultimate edition of what beautiful life we already had. And it just keeps getting prettier.

Happy Demi-Anniversary to Us!

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