Almost Ours

We’re supposed to move this week. And waiting to is kind of a bitch.

My husband and I just bought a house in a quiet neighborhood in our home town. I say bought. The paperwork is all done. But the house isn’t ours yet. We haven’t gotten word on everything being clear, but it seems we are quite close. But, there’s almost always some delay on a closing. We’re hoping that everything goes through sooner, but there’s no way of knowing. So, we wait.

I’m home from work today so I could get my car inspected (pass!) and do some laundry (can’t wait for it to be in our own space!) and put a few more things in boxes. But of course, I’d love to be writing and checking in with my interwebs. This can be very distracting. So, I’ve turned off Twitter and Facebook so I can focus. And turned up the volume on my Pandora station for inspiration.

And now, I shall . . . procrastipack.

Where are those house elves I hired?



Maybe I should have another cup of tea . . .


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  1. Nan Salomon
    May 05, 2014 @ 12:36:47

    I find the packing process to be a bit overwhelming. I’ve had far too much practice at it, but the unpacking is great! A bit like Christmas. Well, like Christmas where you can’t remember which package has the item you need to have Right Now…

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