The Cottage

We spent the past three days (with a lot of help) moving into our new house.

Every room is filled with boxes, partially unpacked, and furniture, still finding its perfect place.

I’m so happy to finally have a place of our very own. And on top of that, a room of my own where I can write or knit or sew or just sit and dream when I want some time alone.

Snapshot_20140518_2in my office/craft room/library!

I need so many more bookcases.

And a china cabinet. And one or three of those neat cube shelf things we registered for at Target. Or this awesome unit.

Things are starting to shape up and now we have the rest of forever to figure out just how we want it all set up!

For now, we’re off to Tractor Supply for dog food and Wegmans for people food – The supply of pizza from friends and coworkers has been awesome and sustaining, but after four days of it, we need a change in diet!



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