• I am trying Coconut Water for the first time, as recommended to combat dehydration post massage (and exercise) and the typically resulting headaches. I have a feeling coconut water is one of those things that is so oddly flavored that I won’t realize whether or not I actually like it until I’ve had it so often that Stockholm Syndrome has taken over and I can’t get enough of it regardless of how vile or fantastic it might taste. [see also: Boba Tea/Coffee]


  • I think it’s time to admit that my new life goal is to be Claudia Cardinale. Obviously I’ll never be 5’8″. And that’s ok. If you haven’t seen Once Upon a Time in the West yet, please go watch it. She is an asset to the film, playing Jill, one of the leads. But that’s hardly the most important thing. The movie itself is an incredible work of artistic genius. Plus, she’s really gorgeous. I’m working real hard on the hair and makeup.


  • At 2:22pm I was only just having my first meal of the day. I intended to eat breakfast before I went for a massage, but the problem with having one particular plan on a day off is that I somehow always end up running late, despite not having anything else to do all day. This is why schedules are so important to me.


  • I’ve lost 16 lbs since December. Pilates. Meal Planning. Eating Less. Balanced Meals and Healthy Snacks. For the Motherfucking Win.




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