A Day at Grunwalt Manor

I also sometimes write about life in the Current Middle Ages. The blog is called The C is for Creative, referring to the Society for Creative Anachronism, of which I’ve been a member on and off for over twenty years. Sometimes people get really stuck up about their authenticity while others don’t seem to try at all. This blog (TCifC) is an attempt to balance those forces and have some real fun. Enjoy!

A Day at Grunwalt Manor:

The C is For Creative

(an example of how to describe your day without sounding ultra modern)

Letters from the Lady of the Manor

At last! A lovely day at home, and a day to be thoroughly domestic!

This is made easier as I search the grounds for the servants and then recall we forgot to hire any! All the work for ME! Ah, the blessed life of the merchant class.

My housekeeper, Nessie was of so much use for a time, but I seem to have left her in a previous persona. *Lesigh*

So, with this day off, I get to spend the dawn as a wife ought to…Sprawled out across the whole of our bed as my husband has his bath before a long day copying manuscripts or whatever you call them. (I hadn’t realized I was married to a monk!)

At some point I’ll get myself up and attend to the dogs…

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