Royal Wedding

A friend reposted this today, and I can’t stop giggling.


I guess I have a thing for multiple zooms? Cuz it reminded me of this:

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Click for better viewing!!!


The link from Pinterest no longer goes anywhere, but comes up with the flower girl’s name and this image:


Their Highnesses, Kate & William and flower girl, Grace Van Cutsem

And then I realized….


Our own little Gracie Pie. (and SamBam!)

We had a Royal Wedding, too.

19 Ago


Smug Day . . . 19 pounds down.

Sometimes I try on my wedding dress just to see how easily it falls off now.


Spent the morning putting away books.

This has been an extensive project since we moved in, as, until Saturday, we didn’t have enough bookshelves. Many books were still in boxes, and those that were unpacked were double stacked on somewhat flimsy shelves.

Well, as of this morning, they all have homes. All of them and they are all single layered in their shelves. 

After that things got a little fuzzy with a headache, several dog walks, Pilates, a shower, negative body image, and cleaning. 

Haha, just kidding about that last part.

Cleaning is what I was supposed to be doing today, according to my mandate to myself for having an Extra Sunday. I did manage to get the books sorted, though, so that counts for a considerable amount of something.

I have this sort of unfulfillable dream of being a housewife. Unfortunately, between my going a bit mad when I’m not out of the house doing something productive for a certain amount of time each week and the fact that we absolutely could not afford for me not to work, this dream is simply out of the question.

Another important thing to remember is that housewives are also housekeepers, and there are a few things I am absolute rubbish at that are pretty much requisite to the job.

Namely, Dusting and Cleaning Bathrooms.


If the only requirement of being a Housewife was looking really cute in an apron, I would totally nail it.



Monday = Snape

My sanity level dissolves when I have an Extra Sunday and my husband does not:


Say you’re ill!

Pretend to break your leg!

Really break your leg!




(-Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling)

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