LEGO: Lord of the Brains

I’ve definitely been playing too many video games lately. Well, the same two video games, perhaps a bit too much.

Last year Nic gave me both LEGO Harry Potter games and lately I’ve been playing them hours on end, for days in a row, often falling asleep controller in hand. To the point where when I dream, all the people are LEGO figures, and everything around them explodes in a spray of lego studs.

As I woke this morning I had a vision:

Two LEGO mini figures on an upper deck of a cruise ship. It reminded me of a recently watched episode of an old tv show. And it hit me in that moment – the realization of what this world needs.

LEGO: Murder She Wrote

(Preferably without dialogue. The Tolkien ones really lost something when real words got added.)

Some other important video games that our cultures needs to happen:

LEGO: Bones (Heroes of the Jeffersonian)


Banjo Hero: Mumford & Sons Edition

What video game do YOU need to happen Right Now?

UPDATE: ideas from friends and readers!

The Classics in LEGO: Zelda, Mario Bros, etc


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