It’s snowing again. I was quite liking the rain. Rain is easier to deal with (unless it freezes). Yesterday’s wind was a different story.


Our neighbors’ yard.

The new year has started, as all new things do, from the ashes of the old version. It’s the same material. Ordered in a slightly different way. New experiences altered out of old ingredients. With increasingly better results.


At home, with the dog curled up on the other couch, and I have a cup of coffee with about 7 creamers and three teaspoons of sugar, because I really only like coffee as a splash in the sweet creaminess of the condiments.


I made bread dough on Saturday, so I’m waiting for my morning roll to bake. Apricot marmalade (the only version sold in stores here) and a room temperature stick of butter await. My new pink piggy timer buzzes loudly and keeps ticking when it’s time to check the oven. Almost done.


It’s hard to feel accomplished when the kitchen is a mess. I’d hire house-elves, but the accomplishment also comes from having done it myself.


(You are welcome to clean the bathroom yourself, however, because that’s one area I loath to approach.)

I found my knitting project in the guest room. I don’t know how long it’s been since I last picked it up, but last night while we watched Bones, I carried on a few rows, only forgetting which side needed the k2tog twice.


I’m trying to keep reading. I’m slow at it, so I give up often. But This Book is Full of Spiders is entertaining and keeps my brain and eyes from getting lazy. If you want a fun set, start with John Dies at the End. These are my husband’s favourite books and I’m glad I’m finally getting to them.


This week is for baking, reading, knitting, and wearing red nail polish. Also, for eating at Panera. Because we finally have one. Fuck yeah. Next up, Five Guys at the mall. If only B+N, Target, and World Market would move in.

As one who suffers depression I know this is a ridiculous idea, a tall order, an impossibility to predict or even capture . . . but my only New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is this:

Be Happy.


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