More than the Sum

Today was my “If you are not pregnant in six months come see me again” visit with my new ob/gyn.

I went straight from her incredibly promising session to the lab down the hall to get four different blood tests done.

I have two more tests to be done over the next three weeks.

My new doctor is so supportive and so positive. It’s hard to face this without that attitude and caring attentiveness. I am thankful for her.

All the same . . .


. . . This is my life right now.

And now, for some inspiration for those like me feeling a little less:


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  1. Amanda
    Jan 15, 2015 @ 17:24:35

    As you begin your (hopefully very short) testing journey, this blog post is pretty much the go-to for a list of testing completeness:

    It says it’s for recurrent loss, but most of these same things will prevent pregnancy as well, or at least make it difficult. Make sure you make a plan with your OB as to when s/he hits the end of their expertise and would refer you to a reproductive endocrinologist. I used the above list to evaluate the RE I saw and how through she would be, because some doctors don’t believe certain things cause problems when so much anecdotal evidence I’ve seen indicates otherwise.

    I also highly recommend temping to track ovulation in addition to predictor tests, if you’re not doing so already. It’s a hassle, but it gives you lots of information about your cycle, and is pretty cheap. I liked this summary explanation: but using Fertility Friend app for tracking.

    That’s probably way too much unsolicited advice, so I’ll stop there. This took up 2.5 years of my life, and I hate that you’re in the midst of it, too. You are more than welcome to any of the knowledge/resources I have; please shoot me an email if you ever find the need.



  2. Annika
    Jan 15, 2015 @ 19:12:31




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