Some days you spend your grocery budget on snacks and come home with your purse full of spilled blueberry muffin and snot filled wet wipes and unload groceries while your sick baby sleeps in the pack n play at 4pm because his 2 hour nap only lasted 44 minutes this morning.

And you spend your first bathroom trip in hours wishing dinner knew how to prepare itself and wondering if you’ll remember to pour the tea water you set before going upstairs when you go back down.

You listen to the baby breathing heavily through the monitor and think about pulling the crockpot out and try to decide what sauce to use for the chicken.

But instead you really just think about the open tube of Pringles potato chips you left on the counter after you emptied all the bags.

Shopping when momming or sick babying is worse than shopping while hungry when it comes to filling up a cart or emptying a bank account.

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