Lion’s Teeth

Welcome to the Mouth of the Lion.

I live in Western New York State, where I grew up, with my husband and our golden retriever.

I have lived in PA, NY, SC, and CA, and traveled to Europe four times and across the continental US twice. I used to go to Canadia sometimes, since I live so close, but now you need a passport or a special DL and I don’t have either right now, so I had to see Niagara Falls from the boring side last time I went. (FYI, it is still really fucking impressive.)

The topics covered here are myriad, and mostly my own opinion. I do not speak for any other person or organization. And I swear a lot. This is a personal journey, in written form.

If you don’t get all my references, I suggest you read some J.K. Rowling or China Mieville. Which you should do anyway. Go! Read! Now!


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