And sometimes, just sometimes, after hardship and heartache, you get a miracle.

Expected January 2016

Expected January 2016

More than the Sum

Today was my “If you are not pregnant in six months come see me again” visit with my new ob/gyn.

I went straight from her incredibly promising session to the lab down the hall to get four different blood tests done.

I have two more tests to be done over the next three weeks.

My new doctor is so supportive and so positive. It’s hard to face this without that attitude and caring attentiveness. I am thankful for her.

All the same . . .


. . . This is my life right now.

And now, for some inspiration for those like me feeling a little less:


Do not ask, jokingly or otherwise, when the recently married woman you know is having kids.

It might have been easy for you to conceive.

You might have had a perfect pregnancy.

Your labor and delivery might have been a walk in the park on a warm slightly overcast day.

You might know 15 couples who are happily expecting.


If you don’t know the woman’s fertility history, and let’s face it, it’s none of your goddamned business, anyway,┬áit’s rude and often hurtful to ask such a question.

“When are you having kids?” seems so innocent.

You know what answer I have?

The only one possible, “I don’t know!”

I’m sorry, but it should be more common knowledge in our culture that Pregnancy & Childbirth is not a simple set of circumstances. They are complicated; sometimes ugly; often heartbreaking.

There’s a reason it’s called The Miracle of Childbirth.

Some people have it super duper easy and get pregnant without trying.

Well, we did the first time, I guess. And that baby is dead.

But since finally getting to a point where we feel comfortable thinking about it again, we’ve been ‘trying’ for a normal pregnancy for months now, and guess what, not only is it not as easy every time, but it’s STILL NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

So, please, ask about my new haircut. That’s a little less invasive.

Stay out of my uterus unless you are my unborn child, and if you are reading this, you probably are not.

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