While I’m working on a much longer post (regarding the magic and myth of childhood happiness) I want to share with you something I have recently discovered a surprising liking for.

Slam Poetry.

I don’t know how it happened. It was somewhat recent.

Someone I know shared a link to a piece about a subject I care about.

Then someone else did.

Then I saw one linked on a Buzzfeed quiz sidebar.

Then I found one on Pinterest.


However I found them, I have found them mesmerizing.

Everything from Body Image to Rape Culture.

Mainly those two, actually.

Two of the things that women have to deal with every day that bug the crap out of me. And these women, these speakers, these poets, these performers, these prophets of women’s truth wield their subjects with expertise.

I thank each of them for their honest, open confrontation of our fears and needs. Thank you.


This is the one that spoke to me today.

I beg you all, watch, listen, and try to understand.


“Asking For It”:

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