Today’s Schedule:

Sleep in.

Brush teeth.

Stay in PJs.

Walk Dog.

Eat bagel with old Manhattan deli amount of cream cheese.

Drink coffee with all-the-creamer.

Sit on butt in living room playing LEGO Harry Potter from the very beginning and seeing how far I can get in one day.

Have Tea.

Eat super bowl of macaroni and cheese.

Keep playing.

Eventually have pizza and cherry coke.

Maybe watch some Bones.

Live Happily Ever After.


Saving Quidditch


Another cuppa?

LEGO: Lord of the Brains

I’ve definitely been playing too many video games lately. Well, the same two video games, perhaps a bit too much.

Last year Nic gave me both LEGO Harry Potter games and lately I’ve been playing them hours on end, for days in a row, often falling asleep controller in hand. To the point where when I dream, all the people are LEGO figures, and everything around them explodes in a spray of lego studs.

As I woke this morning I had a vision:

Two LEGO mini figures on an upper deck of a cruise ship. It reminded me of a recently watched episode of an old tv show. And it hit me in that moment – the realization of what this world needs.

LEGO: Murder She Wrote

(Preferably without dialogue. The Tolkien ones really lost something when real words got added.)

Some other important video games that our cultures needs to happen:

LEGO: Bones (Heroes of the Jeffersonian)


Banjo Hero: Mumford & Sons Edition

What video game do YOU need to happen Right Now?

UPDATE: ideas from friends and readers!

The Classics in LEGO: Zelda, Mario Bros, etc

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